Other Services

Cures Within Reach is a medical research non-profit organization, helping patients since 2005 by repurposing drugs and devices to quickly deliver safe and affordable treatments and cures for both common and rare disorders without currently effective treatments.

While patients with catastrophic diseases are suffering, we know that there are immediately usable medical solutions going untested and unused: safe, FDA-approved drugs and devices with potential new uses to improve length and quality of life. By finding and funding clinical trials to test these repurposed treatments, Cures is creating a unique Repurposing Revolution: an innovation pathway to solve unmet medical needs.  Our Repurposing Revolution partners are major research institutions that supply us with research ideas, and individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations that want to fund research with tangible outcomes and direct impact.

LanzaTech is revolutionizing the way the world thinks about waste carbon by treating it as an opportunity instead of a liability. LanzaTech’s novel gas-to-liquid technology has opened up vast new sources for making low-carbon chemicals and fuels that displace petroleum without the environmental concerns associated with crop- and land-based bioproducts. This flexible technology has the potential to disrupt the current highly centralized petroleum-based energy system by enabling regional production of low-cost, energy from local wastes and residues.

LanzaTech’s biological process provides a common platform to convert a wide variety of gases, into fuels such as ethanol or jet fuel and commodity chemicals such as butadiene used in nylon production or propylene used in plastics manufacture. The process is feedstock flexible and can use gases as varied as industrial flue gas, gasified biomass wastes and residues, or even biogas and high CO2 stranded gas. The technology offers an economic advantage over existing thermo-catalytic technologies at the small scale (<2000 bbl/day), enabling the monetization of local gas sources with minimal capital investment, giving off-grid communities access to clean, cost competitive and reliable energy.

LanzaTech is unique in its focus on re-using the carbon from waste streams, in the breadth of resources it can utilize and the array of low-carbon products that it can make and it is this gas-to-liquid platform that will disrupt the energy landscape as we know it today.

A community of entrepreneurs bringing innovation to market. The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is a business incubator dedicated to supporting the growth of very early stage technology-based businesses. It is an extremely entrepreneurial business environment that fosters collaboration and sharing among young companies, while respecting the independence and self-reliance that motivates entrepreneurs. It is a community with a culture that supports risk taking, invention and the creation of wealth.