Flexterra Flexible TECHNOLOGY

Backed by over ten years of chemistry and physics R&D, Flexterra Flexible Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs) are at the core of our Digital Fabric Technology. These devices behave just like the transistors found in traditional electronics, but are also physically flexible. They can be easily used in standard display fabs, as well as with other advanced manufacturing techniques.

iNfinitesimal is a nanotechnology company that develops tools for targeted and controlled cellular delivery of biomolecules, drugs, nanoparticles, or other chemicals in liquid solution. Our mission is to develop emergent nano- and bio-technologies from the laboratory into commercial tools that provide unique capabilities to researchers and enable novel studies that are not possible with conventional tools.

NanoAl LLC produces novel, castable aluminum superalloys, which exhibit, after heat-treatment, high-strength, coarsening-resistant nano-precipitates with tailored compositions and size distributions.  One series of alloys is heat-resistant to 400 ºC, with applications for brake rotors and engine parts.  Another series of alloys has a combination of high strength and high conductivity, both electrical and thermal, making them attractive for electrical wires and cables. These alloys can significantly lightweight automobiles by replacing heavier alloys, such as cast-iron (brakes), steel (engines) and copper (wires).

NuMat Technologies is a materials technology company committed to enabling fundamental performance shifts in the gas storage and separations industries. We will do so by tailor-designing nanoporous materials, specifically Metal Organic Frameworks ("MOFs"), for high-value applications which critically depend on material performance.

Oakton Community College is a comprehensive 2 year school that serves District 535 of the Illinois Community College system.  This is essentially the north suburban region of Cook County.  The College offers courses for university transfer, career entry and enhancement as well as developmental curriculum. 

The nanotechnology laboratory courses represent an effort at career training in the area that we plan to share with district high schools by negotiating various dual credit agreements.  With appropriate funding, we intend to also offer industrial seminars on the topic.  Click for Oakton Community College